What Style Of Innovator Are You?

  • Frustrated because your entrepreneurial idea isn’t becoming the next big hit you know it should be?
  • Annoyed because you are full of brilliant ideas, and no one is listening?
  • Are you desperately trying to get out of that box you are trapped
  • Are you ready to be recognized as the cutting edge innovator you know you are?

If you answered yes, then it’s time to discover your innovation style


The Innovation Quotient Edge (IQE) is the only tool that helps you discover how you innovate so you can:

  • Unleash more of that entrepreneurial spirit
  • Be more of the change-maker you were meant to be
  • Get out of that box that is holding you back
  • Build a more creative life that fits you
  • Create a competitive edge by leveraging what is unique to you

It all starts with knowing your IQE – Innovation Style so that you can build
around your strengths and unlock your greatest asset – your innovative mind

Salley IQE Instinctual Collavorative Innovation stye IQE

Knowing my IQE, my unique innovation style, has helped me do so many things. I am now able to think outside the box ALL the time and that means the ideas are flowing. It helped me unlock that part of myself that I thought I lost and now I’m taking all that innovative thinking and launching my own business on the side. I’m living and breathing the entrepreneurial life in a way I never thought possible. Thanks IQE! – Sally, From Cube to Creator, Innovation Style – Instinctual Collaborative

Howard Entrepreneur IQE Innovation Style Inquisitive Futuristic

I’ve been an entrepreneur for a while now but lately it felt like I was burning out and hitting my head against the wall. I took the Innovation Quotient Edge and with my results realized that I was the cause of all that stress. I was burning out because I wasn’t building a business that leveraged my strengths, my creativity. Instead I was working in a way that worked against me. Well that’s all changed. As a Futuristic, I thrive when I’m thinking ahead so I went back to focusing on new ideas for my biz. As an Inquisitive I realized that i innovate by asking questions so I initiated a daily huddle with my team where I ask 3 questions a day. Things are starting to roll in the right direction!  – Howard, Cafe World, Innovation Style – Inquisitive Futuristic

Which 2 Power Triggers Combine To Create My Unique Innovation Style & Competitive Edge?

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The Shuuk icons with names_Risk taker

The Shuuk icons with names_Collaborative

The Shuuk icons with names_Experiential

The Shuuk icons with names_Instinctual

The Shuuk icons with names_Fluid

The Shuuk icons with names_Inquisitive

The Shuuk icons with names_Tweaker





“We are all innovative, but how we innovate is unique to each of us.When we unleash that into the world, we become unstoppable.” – Tamara, serial innovator & creator of IQE



The IQE – Innovation Quotient Edge is the culmination of more than 20 years of experience and research working with the most innovative people and companies and being in the entrepreneurial trenches, driving growth and innovation daily. Through years of this experience, Tamara has discovered the key triggers that drive your natural innovative strengths

People from fast growth start-ups to Fortune 500 have unlocked their IQE, including Innovative minds from Nike, Coca – Cola, NASA and General Mills (to name a few).